Surf Sanctuary Restaurant, La Cantina

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    La Cantina as seen from outside...
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    Almost dineer time, it fills up quick!
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    C'mon and have a Tona with us!

"La Cantina" Restaurant

  • Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Full Menu of fresh local foods
  • Seafood Specials (when we catch fish!)
  • Lots and lots of cold Toña!
  • Open Daily 6am to 9pm

Surf Sanctuary Casita
The Sanctuary Special- a masterful creation of culinary perfection. Eat it- then go rip!


  1. Sanctuary legend has it that this creation came straight from the deranged mind of the one and only "Señor Suave."
  2. Be sure to thank him after your done!

The Sanctuary Special

Our very own creation. This hearty, calroie packed plate is our "Surfos Rancheros." Perfect for that pre-session-carb-load.

  • Starts with a bed of Gallo Pinto (beans and rice)...
  • Then add 2 Eggs, sunny side up...
  • Top it all with our freshly chopped "Pico de Gallo" (salsa)
  • + Four wedges of buttery toast
  • Gnarly lumberjacks add bacon

Surf Sanctuary Tacos
The Sanctuary Tacos...word spread fast- before long people were traveling from far and wide just for a taste.


  1. Just wait until we get a fresh catch of Mackeral, Mahi, Snapper or Wahoo
  2. Our guests have been known to go on strict diets- consuming unfathomable amounts of tacos both day and night.

Sanctuary Tacos

Whether it be the chicken, fish or steak that are your personal favorite, the fact remains- these are some really good tacos.

  • Your choice of chicken, fish or steak
  • Topped with shredded cheese...
  • + a healthy scoop of Pico de Gallo (salsa)...
  • Don't foret our own Zesty Taco sauce!
  • Add beans for extreme protien

Surf Sanctuary Pargo Entero Special
"Pargo Entero" Special- Don't be afraid, it's the way fish is supposed to be eaten.


  1. Whenever we are lucky enough to have a run of this tasty morsels, the local fisherman bring them in...
  2. Be sure to place your order, they go fast!

"Pargo Entero" Special

Whole fried baby red snapper. Quite simply the most tantilizing, delicious and mouth watering of all our dinner specials. Traditional to the region for a reason- it's the best.

  • Whole fried "Pargito" or baby red snapper...
  • Side of Rice...
  • Side of Beans...
  • Add a squeeze of fresh lime and you're legit.

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