We all know that there are plenty of great, uncrowded waves out there. Unfortunately a vast majority of the best waves in our area are access resticted or just plain un accessable by land. Fortunaley the Explorador has you covered!

We have the means and local knowledge to put you on the spot- possibbly to getting shacked off your dome. But, that part is up to you! Just know that the best barrel of your life is waiting...go ahead- don't be scared and pull back…book a charter!

Surfing Charter Prices-

Spots to the North...

$160 half day

$300 full day

Spots to the South...

$200 half day

$350 full day

Add a fully stocked cooler for only $50. Includes sandwiches, snacks, fruit, ice and 20 canned drinks of your choice (beer, coca-cola/lite, fanta, fresca, ginger ale).

All charters are a maximum of four people.

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"El Cazador", before the name change and new paint job.
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Negative low tide Playgrounds...EMPTY!
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Macking Outer Reef
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Outer Reef, Cazador in the foreground..
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Paddling out to Outers...
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Semi-secret break...
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Panga Drops
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Lances Left
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Tony at Playgrounds...
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