Timings Everything

Got to Popoyo yesterday with a little crowd of about 25 surfers on it. So I shot some pics for 30 minutes and watched the crowd thin down to 7 guys. Paddled out and surfed the uncrowded session with much enjoyment. Yew!DSC_7410 DSC_7421 DSC_7450 DSC_7452

New Swell Coming

These pics of an old swell fading out as tomorrow a new swell takes over. The week looks promising with strength and size, nothing major but a good change for all.DSC_7338 DSC_7348 DSC_7362 DSC_7370

Kid Stuff

So the waves maybe small at the moment and a big guy on it makes it look even smaller. But then put a kid or 3 on one and everything changes. Waves look bigger than what you thought they were and the kids surf better than what you thought you did.DSC_7183 DSC_7199 DSC_7295 DSC_7302 DSC_7304 DSC_7322

Sharing the Experience

We have clients that come back every year to surf the waves this country has to offer. This year he came back with his kids to share the experiences of life abroad. Life lessons worth learning for any young person.DSC_6935 DSC_6937 DSC_6963 DSC_6971 DSC_6995

Warming Trend

Everyone tells me the water here at Santana is still cold. But a trip to the north a little bit the water felt warm to me when I touched it. Either way there are waves coming in and bigger today than yesterday.DSC_6781 DSC_6785 DSC_6814 DSC_6815

Standing Alone

Or I should have said sitting alone. A lone surfer braves the cold waters of Nicaragua at this time of the year without any rubber. Water temp as low as ever before, but don’t let that stop you! The sun is shining and it’s hot!DSC_6733 DSC_6735 DSC_6737 DSC_6741

Winter Blues

So even though it’s not freezing here the water is COLD! Full suits are in and I have even heard some speak booties? This is all hear say of coarse, since I haven’t really touched the water myself. Just waiting for the new swell to come in early next weekDSC_6676 DSC_6687 DSC_6689 DSC_6696


That is what it feels like at times, but we all know it comes to an end sooner or later. But with a little luck a new swell fills in behind the old one. Which makes it kinda non-stop in a way.DSC_6488 DSC_6514 DSC_6515 DSC_6517


I’d have to say this is the best Feb I have seen since I’ve been here. Though it was cold there for a spell, glad that ended.Then everything turned around with good waves, warm water and lite winds happening. YEW!!DSC_6376 DSC_6383 DSC_6388 DSC_6393WOW


I have never seen a Feb like this before since I’ve been here. We’ve had waves this whole time and believe it or not the water has warmed up so much we’re back to tops or just baggies. YEW!!DSC_6272 DSC_6279 DSC_6290 DSC_6310