Onshore Wind

Lite onshore winds these past few days and a sprinkle last night. A new swell filling today with some size along with it. Water is warm again and it feels great to be in baggies.DSC_9501 DSC_9519 DSC_9530 DSC_9531

Warming Trend

Finally the winds are laying out some and the water is warming up some. Can’t wait to be surfing in just baggies and no suit. Very soon, maybe even tomorrow! Just in time for the new swell coming in in a few days.DSC_9429 DSC_9464 DSC_9468 DSC_9470

Easter Weekend

The weekend proved to be a great one over all with plenty of waves coming in. Though the winds are still here, all that will be coming to an end later this week. Warm water is on it’s way, along with a new swell! Yew!DSC_9213 DSC_9334 DSC_9375 DSC_9401 DSC_9414


That’s how it is around here, non-stop action everyday. Along with the wind which refuses to stop blowing. Maybe next week looks like with the new swell that will be coming in.DSC_9155 DSC_9195 DSC_9202 DSC_9204

High Wind Cool Water

April is the month when the winds lay out a little and the water warms up some. But so far the winds have picked up and the water still kinda chilly. No matter b/c when there are waves ….you surf.DSC_9027 DSC_9030 DSC_9035 DSC_9065

Better Than Excepted

There are times when you see the forecast and you know what it’s going to be like for the day. But when you get there the waves are better than you had excepted. Three sessions at Popoyo and each session just got better and better. The winds were blowing pretty strong and the water slightly cooler but once in nothing else mattered.DSC_8483 DSC_8491 DSC_8493 DSC_8505 DSC_8524

Windy Again

Things were looking good with the swell coming in weekly and the wind blowing lighter. But the wind has come back a little harder than last month and the water trying to cool down again. Luckily waves still coming in daily.DSC_8329 DSC_8358 DSC_8389 DSC_8402

Some Days

There are those days that when you go surfing that you can’t seem to get it together. Then there are those days when everything comes together and you’re surfing at your best. These are the days we live for and a good swell has come in making it all worth while.DSC_8288 DSC_8292 DSC_8304 DSC_8308 DSC_8314

Ole Glassy Days

Ahh, April is the month when everything changes from the hard winter winds blowing to lite summer winds. Swell just keeps coming and won’t stop until late season or heaven rains come.DSC_8231 DSC_8235 DSC_8252 DSC_8255

April Fools Day

I’d try to fool you by saying there are no waves breaking today but the photos prove different. Warm water is here b/c the winds have laid out some. Add waves to that and you’ve got happy surfers everywhere.DSC_8118 DSC_8125 DSC_8159 DSC_8169