Classic Glass

Oh, you remember those days when it gets so glassy, that you’re freaking out about how glassy it is? All your turns slide into the other so smoothly that you don’t even feel your board? Then reality sets in and the wind comes slightly onshore. Oh those glassy days.DSC_1058 DSC_1060 DSC_1077

Last Full Day

The boys from NYC were treated to a good last day with glassy condition in the morning. Then off to the south as the sun broke out and got all pretty as we surfed a break with mostly just us.DSC_8307 DSC_0961 DSC_0949 DSC_0920 DSC_0928

Dark Skies

Late afternoon thunder storm came rolling in yesterday. The winds were bad all day yesterday only going offshore late in the afternoon. But man was it clean and Rosada was on fire.DSC_8278 DSC_8286 DSC_8291 DSC_8296

Oh Glassy Days

These mornings have been super nice with lite winds and glassy conditions. Bigger swell coming in today and for the next few to come.DSC_0611 DSC_0615 DSC_0621 DSC_0645 DSC_0652 DSC_0653

Getting Better

Things look like they’re getting better around here everyday. New swell should be coming in today and through the weekend.DSC_0500 DSC_0515 DSC_0549 DSC_8258

Small & Glassy

Well the winds have come back around lite and rain has helped out a little. Still the week ahead looks to be about the same but with a promise of better things to come. Maybe by the weekend.DSC_0429 DSC_0442 DSC_0450 DSC_0460

No One Out

Went down twice to shot someone surfing but no one was ever out. I wonder why? Looks a lot like back home with the onshore winds blowing. Everyone here is so spoiled!DSC_0402 DSC_0405 DSC_0410 DSC_8241

Onshore Winds

So the winds have been coming onshore in the afternoons some this week. Then the rains come later in the evenings which makes it all glassy the next morning. Air temps nice and cool feeling too.DSC_0344 DSC_0370 DSC_0384 DSC_0391

Still Fun

Winds have been dancing around a lot this week b/c of the rains. Yes, rain. but nothing heavy as of yet. Sunny and offshore during the day and showers in the evenings makes for a good nights sleep.DSC_0252 DSC_0280 DSC_0312 DSC_0314 DSC_0323 DSC_0330

Fun Size 4 All

When the size drops out some Santana comes to life. Not liking it big b/c it can’t handle the size but man she can produce some good waves when it’s on!DSC_0190 DSC_0194 DSC_0201 DSC_0204 DSC_0217