There’s a Storm Coming

A lot happening around here this week. There’s a T.S. in the Gulf and rain coming onshore with winds matching. Waves are huge and wonky with large cleanup sets cleaning out the lineup. Fun watching.¬†Unrest in the country is the only storm we really care about and hope it ends soon.DSC_2003 DSC_2011 DSC_2024 DSC_7845 DSC_7865 DSC_7894

Big Onshore

Even though it’s lite onshore it’s glassy but big! Weather has been kind of rainy and sunny but more just cloudy than rainy. Winds for the week looks to be not so good, onshore with size.DSC_1989 DSC_7790 DSC_7803 DSC_7810 DSC_7834

Best Yet

Swell has arrived and so far some of the best waves this year. Breaks are packed with surfers even though most all of the tourist and left.DSC_1946 DSC_7730 DSC_7744 DSC_7753 DSC_7784

Around the Corner

Just around the corner there’s a left that works just fine. Got some swell coming in and it’s breaking everywhere. Waves should hold up for a few more days, winds are messing with us, onshore every afternoon.DSC_1938 DSC_7427 DSC_7433 DSC_7474 DSC_7485

Game On

Well the swell is finally showing up for everyone that’s here at Santana. Our guest were all over it and then the boat ride to the north was well worth it this morning.DSC_7261 DSC_7282 DSC_7287 DSC_7331 DSC_7334 DSC_7346 DSC_7364 DSC_7400

Not Here

Even though the forecast said “waves” but we’re still waiting. Good winds, clear water and warm makes a good day of surfing either way.DSC_7155 DSC_7159 DSC_7164 DSC_7180 DSC_7209

So Glassy

Well the swell hasn’t really hit yet but it was bigger than the day before. Looking forward to some surf either way this week. Had some rain last night, first for the year!DSC_7080 DSC_7092 DSC_7100 DSC_7114 DSC_7121

On It’s Way

Still pretty small as of today. There are waves coming in and people on them but better is on it’s way. The rest of the week looks to be awesome!DSC_7023 DSC_7034 DSC_7037 DSC_7064 DSC_7066

Nice Morning

Winter is real close and you can see it happening before your eyes. Less wind, warm water and glassy conditions in the mornings. It’s hot and dry as a bone as we await the first rains to come.DSC_1923 DSC_6967 DSC_6979 DSC_6982 DSC_6985

Less Wind

It has finally happened, the winds have laid out some for the first time this month! Stoked to be surfing glassy waves and warmer waters. The surf looks to be small this week but somethings coming.DSC_1908 DSC_6899 DSC_6913 DSC_6917 DSC_6932