So the new swell has arrived and it’s firing. Good waves coming in on most spots or all of them. Looks like a long tiring week of work ahead for everyone.DSC_4397 DSC_4412 DSC_4414 DSC_4448

Carolina Boys

It’s always good to have some friends from home visit and surf with you. Good timing on arrival and of the swell hitting. The week looks to be awesome and I know we’re going to have a great time.DSC_4168 DSC_4183 DSC_4184 DSC_4204 DSC_4322 DSC_4353

Windy & Small

Just when you think it’s about to turn on, it doesn’t. Maybe the new swell is hitting in the morning. Keep your fingers crossed.DSC_4131 DSC_4136 DSC_4144 DSC_4155 DSC_4160

Here & There

Surfing 3 different spots in one day isn’t so hard around here. Plenty of waves to choose from and if you’re not to picky it’s pretty easy. The hard part is finding one uncrowded.DSC_1324 DSC_1377 DSC_3789 DSC_3807 DSC_3841

Up & Down

As the swell drops through the week there’s always a new one behind it to bring it back up. Works out good for those who want it smaller so they can adjust to the conditions before the big stuff come back around.DSC_3503 DSC_3552 DSC_3584 DSC_3638 DSC_3653 DSC_3662

B-Day Session

Well I did get in 2 sessions yesterday even if the water is cold. Andrew’s back for a spell and surfed the afternoon with him and only 4 others. Life is good.DSC_3458 DSC_3462 DSC_3469 DSC_3474

It’s Here

Always a good sign when a swell hits in March, letting us know the season has started. With all this water moving around it may clear out this “COLD” water that’s been hanging round. Can’t wait to shed this full suit and slide out there with just baggies on.DSC_1288 DSC_1292 DSC_2999 DSC_3019 DSC_3068

The Day Before

Usually the day before the new swell hits it’s always kinda small. Left overs from the last swell and we’re all waiting for the new swell to show.DSC_1245 DSC_1242 DSC_1238 DSC_1235


Since the storm last year Santana’s sand bar hasn’t been working that well. Finally it looks like it wants to come back and with the season starting up new swells filling in it might happen.DSC_2928 DSC_2963 DSC_2970 DSC_2978 DSC_2992

Last Day

The last day of Feb has come to an end and gave us a little surf to remember her by. Though it’s been a windy month with plenty of cold water we’ve had loads of waves. Plus as I was surfing yesterday I felt pockets of warm water rising up here and there. A good sign of things to come.DSC_1223 DSC_2900 DSC_2920 DSC_2922