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Coming Around

So the winds are coming back around for us these last 2 weeks of Oct. Looks like sunshine and waves for the rest of the month, but maybe a sprinkle here and there still to come. Can’t wait to get … Continue reading

Finally Raining

It’s been pretty bad this month surf wise, considering all the bad winds and now the rain has set in. For how long you ask? Who knows for sure, maybe tomorrow. The winds supposedly comes back around then and we’ll … Continue reading

Grey Days

This happens from time to time around here. It’s cloudy, the winds are onshore with sprinkles and not a person in sight. Most are staying home enjoying the cool weather and chilling, waiting for the weather pattern to break. Next … Continue reading


Though the storm is in the gulf and heading north we still get affects from it also. Onshore winds and rain is the major factors when this happens, besides no waves to speak of. Looks to be a week of … Continue reading


It started last night and woke to it this morning. Looks to be a few days of rain and onshore winds around here and we’re all happy about it. The surf will suck but need a few days rest anyway … Continue reading

Locals Only

Another day surfing with just the locals from the town of Las Salinas. Have seen people here and about walking the beaches and such. Cloudy and sprinkling at times but nothing heavy as of yet and onshore in the afternoons.

First 1 Out

Got to the break early with a high tide with no one out surfing. As the tide dropped the surf got better and more people paddled out. Though small and soft it was fun and the sets were worth the … Continue reading

1 Peak

We call it 1st peak b/c there are 6 that work on this beach. But this was the only peak working oddly enough and only 3 guys on it. Safe to say not many people down here at the moment … Continue reading

Maxing @ 11

Pretty much every time I go to Popoyo there are no more than 11 guys out at a time. Mostly Nica locals, a few gringo locals and maybe 1 traveling surfer mixed in. Super fun waves and glassy these days … Continue reading

Just Another Day

The waves come and go but in the end it’s just another day of waves for us. Bigger days stand out while the smaller ones go unremembered b/c there are so many days alike. I will say the crowd factor … Continue reading