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Coming In

The swell started to fill in a day early it seems. With all the extra water b/c of the moon tides everywhere is breaking kind of …different than normal, but breaking. Some cold water has moved in also.

Tube City

There’s a place where the wave tubes it’s butt off, if you can get in there. Got lucky and got in there and scored some while the crowd was lite. More waves on the way.

Double Booked

Blessed to have work this week or should I say this year. But the boys here this week are scoring big time and with 2 swells coming in this week! Oh, and our other guide Wyatt is leaving today going … Continue reading

On It

The new group that’s here are on it as the waves roll in and the wind just keeps blowing. A new swell filling in this week the forecast says and we’re all waiting for it with open arms.

Like Home

Santana is like one of those waves you’d be surfing at your fav break if you lived on the east coast. A beach break that works well and everyone seems to like it b/c it reminds them of home. Except … Continue reading

Shore Break

Well with it being small and everything the waves at Santana were breaking close to the beach. Making it some fun surf to ride and not a long paddle back out to the lineup.

Clean Lines

Early in the morning before the winds pickup for the day some clean lines were coming through. Nothing big or small but just right.

August Already

Wow how time flies as the months roll past and the season with only 2 months left in it. Waves have been small again since the last swell but as always ride able.

Soft Stuff

There are waves to be had even if it’s soft and small. Looks that way for the week then another swell hits on Sunday. SUNDAY!! That’s a long way away but will have to make do until then.

Winding Down

As the swell drops in size so does the head count in the lineup. Small for the next few days before a new swell starts to show up. Going to rest up next few days, the body needs it after … Continue reading