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She showed up over night and this morning was pumping in some over head sets. All breaks should be working unless it can’t handle the size that’s coming in. Waves for days…..

Windy Again

So the wind hasn’t started to lay out as of yet but it’s going to sometime this month. But that hasn’t stopped the swell from coming in and more is on it’s way this week.

The Last 2

Here are the last 2 clients I have before I’m off for the week. Scored some good waves and a ton of them. The water’s warm and feels so good, now just need that wind to lay out a little … Continue reading

Slow Day

After yesterdays surf sessions in near perfect conditions, today was back to normal with winds blowing again. Some waves at Lances were coming in good enough to keep you in the water.

Long Day

There are days that seem to pass by quickly and then those that seem to never end. When the surf is pumping and you put in 3-4 sessions a day, that’s a long day. Tired and surfed out, but tomorrow … Continue reading

Rated P.G.

With the new swell filling I thought Play Grounds would be firing! Hit it early, first boat and it was glassy as it gets. But the waves were nothing to write home about even though it was fun.

No Wind

Yesterday was the first time this yer that the wind came onshore. This mornings session was nice and glassy with no wind and looks like it may come back around as yesterday. Fear not, waves are on the way.

Small Stuff

Well it’s back as with every swell that comes through any where. Comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb but a new lion is coming in on Tuesday. Light winds and warm water are here now.

Glassy Sessions

The swell has been coming in these past few days and the winds are lite once again. The water’s warming up and the season’s on for all who choose to come.

The Change

Here we go again. So the winds are laying down some and the water warming up some. Hopefully it heads the way it should and we’re wearing baggies the rest of the year from here on out.