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Which Wave?

So many choices to choose from and hardly no one out at any of the breaks. Onshore winds are light but not messing it up too much. Crowd factor is not a factor these days.

Out Front

Santana is breaking with the drop in size and a few takers on it in the beginning. But as the tide filled in a few more heads paddled out to enjoy the uncrowded waves.

Missed It

It was bigger these past couple of days but missed it b/c I was in Rivas doing ….stuff. Still some waves coming in even with a drop in size. Few people around to enjoy it which is a good thing … Continue reading

Adios Amigo

The surf ran small the last day of Justin’s stay here at the Sanctuary. He flew out this morning on his way to …..somewhere. Best of luck where ever you do end up at amigo.

Girls Rule

It’s hard to believe that there are this many girls down here even with all this unrest going on. But the truth is there are more and more girl surfers coming down every year. Oh, and the waves have been … Continue reading

Tough Times

Tough times here in Nicaragua but it’s not stopping the surfers from leaving. Waves coming in small but ride able and lots of chicas in the lineup.

Breaking Better

Santana seems to be breaking a little better than it has been. Maybe the bars are starting to lineup better and the rains may help out a lot if we get some more.

Home Break

It’s good having a break just down the street from where you live. Santana is a great beach break wave that likes it small to med-large, but can’t handle the big stuff. Which is what it is and we’ll take … Continue reading

Beach Break

Santana has finally come back to life, sorta. Best it’s been in awhile and stoked to see it happening. Winds are good and a little rain from time to time. Not too crowded these days, wonder why?

Old School

Well the weather hasn’t been too bad, some rain but onshore for sure. Time to breakout different boards in your quiver and give them a try. Here we have a single fin showing you the way it was done back … Continue reading