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This is Small?

Going by the forecast you’d think that it’s going to be small. But what is small? To some new guys this is firing, back home anyway. But here it is small but not as small as the forecast said it … Continue reading

Coming & Going

This month we are full with package guest coming and going. So far the best month this year and the waves have been pretty good too! Half the month left and even have peoples coming in Sept.

A Day Late

Though a day late the swell did showed up and and it’s a good one! Everywhere was breaking even though a little windy. Waves should hold up for a few more days as the size drops a little along the … Continue reading

Day Off

Even though you have the day off around here you’ll more than likely go surfing anyway. Waves coming everyday as usual even if small you’re on it. New swell should show up today.

It’s Here

In the morning the swell didn’t look like it was here yet. But by the afternoon with the in coming tide she showed herself and man she sure is pretty!

Early Morning Glass

The winds have been flip flopping back and forth this week and some rain has come down. But fear not there is always a session to be had. Surfed Popoyo in the afternoon and it was still the same….glassy!

Warm Waters

Last week we had some small surf to ride but this week looks to be a good one. Water’s warm and a new swell coming in like tomorrow and it’s going to be a week of solid surf ahead of … Continue reading

Not the Norm

When looking at the waves and you see this going on you wonder how strange it looks. Normally the winds are always working with us blowing offshore making every wave look it’s best. But much needed rains come with the … Continue reading

The Cycle

Like anything in this world, waves around here do come in cycles. A week cycle that is, where the swell starts out big and through the week lays down a little bit everyday. So now we wait just a few … Continue reading


There are times when the beauty of a wave takes over any shot you have of someone surfing them. August is showing us some of what can be out there if you look for it.