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Good Times

The weather seems to be working with us as the rains slow down and the waves pickup. Good winds are coming back, hopefully to make the week a good one.

Round Two

Round two was moved to a beach break near the house. Good size coming in and not too big for the break but some closeout sets did pull through. Winds looking to be coming back through the weekend.

Long Awaited

So finally the waves and winds have come back to treat us to some fun size surf. Glassy and over head waves something we haven’t seen in long while. Ok, so it was only a week or so but felt … Continue reading

R & R

R & R as you know stands for rest & relaxation. Usually when the rains come down, the surf turns ugly and there’s nothing to do but R&R. While on vacation you hope not to see this but those of … Continue reading

Cafe con Leche

When the rains come down the rivers empty out making the ocean the same color as the land. Most people won’t paddle out fearing they might get something from the dirty waters. But some just don’t care.

Afternoon Delight

With the winds and rain coming in switching all around everyday makes it hard to get it perfect. But yesterday afternoon everything came together wind, tide, sun moon etc. Great way to end a day that started out kinda funky … Continue reading

Dancing Winds

We’ve had some great waves this week even with the winds dancing all around. Weather looks good for the weekend but things are going to change soon enough. Size coming but winds and rain along with it.

Dark Days

Been cloudy this week and some rain but not too much to mess things up. Winds are onshore then offshore which makes for challenging conditions, but waves to be had all the same. Winds look bad for a spell this … Continue reading

Half the Size

Sometimes you wish the swell would drop just a little to be able to enjoy the surf. Sometimes it drops a lot more than you wanted it too. But you take what’s given you and make the best of it.


The best and biggest so far for the year folks, yew. Swell holding for the week and so are we as it’s going to keep coming in.