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Fun Stuff

Even though it was somewhat small the waves were fun. The winds are back and the sun was shinning as the dry season takes effect.

North Bound

As the swell has dropped some today the winds were in our favor. The sun shinned this morning after last nights rain helping out with glassy conditions. Looks good here on out.


Yep, I can’t believe it either and some rain too! Where are the offshore winds and sunshine at? Oh, looks like it’s turning around today and looks to be good from here out. Can’t wait for it to be normal … Continue reading

Cleaning Up

Sometimes a new swell hits and not always looking it’s best. But give it a day or two and see what happens then. Winds, swell direction and sunshine all make it happen to come together.


One of the biggest swells to hit in a long time came in yesterday. A little wanky as the winds were onshore most of the night before. Huge cleanup sets rolling through as most that surfed will contest too. Looks … Continue reading

Kid Stuff

That’s about the best way I could describe the surf. Pretty waves, pretty small and weak but ride able if you were a kid. New swell coming in soon and the water is starting to chill down a little bit … Continue reading


Traveled up to where i use to live at awhile back to shoot some pics yesterday. The break was working as the tide made it’s way in. There were lefts and rights everywhere and a crowd did move in on … Continue reading

River Mouth

Well yesterday was to be the smallest day of the week. But you never know what you’re going to get until you see it for yourself. I thought I was just going to shoot some photos for uploads but the … Continue reading

The Best

My first trip here ever was in Nov and man it was firing the whole time! Nov is a special time b/c the rains have stopped and winds are offshore again after weeks of onshores. But the best part is … Continue reading

Unreal Day

So the winds have come back around and the waves are liking it as much as we are. Did surf 2 sessions with 2 other friends with just the 3 of us out both times!! Good times are back, will … Continue reading