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By Myself

It is known that most people don’t like the mid day sun and with a low tide thrown in. These are the days I look for b/c there’s usually the least amount of people in the water. As I got … Continue reading


1: Waves are coming in and with some good size but not going to last all week. 2: Winds are here and nuking as you can see. 3: Water temp has dropped into the “cold” zone this past week and … Continue reading

Windy Week

Forecast this week was to be windy and they were right on the mark! Got waves coming in and smaller than earlier this week which was fun. But small and windy makes it kind of hard to paddle out for … Continue reading

Not Bad

Got swell coming in keeping us happily surfing. The winds are blowing but not too hard and the water temp is no to bad either. Photographers these days aren’t looking too bad either.

Two Views

A new swell is coming in and here are two views of two breaks in our area. Can’t wait to get back in the water once again with some waves that have a little size to them. Water temp is … Continue reading

Bay of Plenty

The bay offers many people the chance to catch waves to those who are just learning. Also a great long board wave or a fat twin fin if you got one. Lots of chics usually go there for it’s a … Continue reading

Old Friends

Had some friends, Dawn & Roberto come in last week bringing waves with them and also the winds. Good seeing them again as always and sure it’s warmer here than the OBX, where there’s snow, haha.

Got Waves?

Well we finally do, yew!! Nothing major but better than it’s been in a while. The winds are blowing now and the water temp has dropped to the point you need something on. I’m wearing my full suit but there … Continue reading

Hyped Up

I thought the internet said something about some waves coming in today. Maybe they meant tomorrow, b/c I didn’t see any while I was there. Cloudy and windy and the water’s a little chilly.

High Tide

Hitting the break near high tide but no one was out. Swells been small and the tide being high chocked out most of the waves coming in. Plus it was breaking so close to the beach you’d break your fins … Continue reading