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Moon Tides

The tides super high when high and super low when low. Rock walking at lower tides makes it harder to come in on and there’s a lot of sand on the reef as well. Either way it’s breaking at both … Continue reading

Mid-day Sparkle

We still got waves coming in and better than yesterday but only by a little bit. Still not bad for this time of the year and the water is warmer than I can remember for Feb.!

No Wind

Almost never happens but it did this morning, woke to hardly a breath of wind blowing. Glassy conditions for a spell before the wind picked up a bit. One good thing is the water temp has warmed up a little … Continue reading

High Tide

Got to the break at high tide and saw what I’d expected to see. Fat and uncrowded but very ride able to someone who’s hungry for waves. I choose to wait it out, shoot first, ask questions later.

The Bay

Not everyone goes to the bay to surf b/c it’s at best a rolling wave. But at times there can be a good wave coming off the rock or inside or even the out side peak will work. This day … Continue reading

At The Crack

Coming that early sometimes doesn’t always work out as planned. Locked out for almost 30 mins but some did come and opened up. Not many surfing early, windy, cold water and did I say windy? Not a big swell but … Continue reading

Swell in Feb

Feels good to be riding something other than 3 ft all summer long. Any swell is welcomed this this of the year or any time for that matter. Windy as heck but the water’s still kinda warm.

It’s Coming

So excited to have a swell this time of the year come in on us! It does happen but not often enough so take what you are given. More to come these next few days even though the winds are … Continue reading


Got some swell filling in and only looks to be getting better as the weekend comes up. Now a days more girls are surfing and usually have a boy friend that surfs too. So grab your partner and come on … Continue reading

Dog Days

Just like back home the summer months can be hard on a surfer. Small swells coming in when you want something a little bigger but have to wait it out. Good news is next weekend there’s a swell a coming.