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Beach Break

Well if it’s going to break close to the beach then it’s best to be small. At least there’s something to ride and pretty to look at.

Sunday Funday

So we finally got some waves to come in for us. There is a lot of sand coving the reef at Popoyo since the storm. But the wave is still working, not top form but working.

It’s Warm

Well, the sun is shinning and it’s warm but where are the waves?

Does Happen

Well, well, what the hell do we have here. No one out! I wonder why?

No Snow

I know it’s cold and snowy back on the east coast but haven’t seen any here. The air temp is cooler and the water temp too. But over all no snow and a few waves coming in with lots of … Continue reading

First Day

Well the first day of Jan started out with a little wave coming in at Popoyo. Though small it was ride able but as the tide came in in the afternoon at Santana it looked as flat a lake.

Shore Break

The month is coming to a end and it’s small and not to windy. The water’s not cold yet but slightly cooler than normal and the swell for the week looks to be the same all week.

The Gift

It doesn’t come every year from Santa but this year we were all good boys and girls. So those of us here are enjoying the gift that keeps on giving. Hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas.

Family Vacations

This is the time of year when most families will spend their vacation time together. A trip to Grandma’s house or somewhere warm and sunny, along with a little surfing mixed in. Though this group only had a few days … Continue reading

The Calm

They say there is a calm before the storm. That being said, just to let you know that there is a storm a coming this way in a few days. Something that doesn’t usually happen this time of the year. … Continue reading