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Unreal Day

So the winds have come back around and the waves are liking it as much as we are. Did surf 2 sessions with 2 other friends with just the 3 of us out both times!! Good times are back, will … Continue reading

Rocks & Sand

Well the waves are what they are, onshore and choppy as you can see. Been this way for awhile and looks to be this way until the winds come back. These are the last few days of Oct left and … Continue reading

Pretty Green

Well with all the rain we’re getting the land scape is as green as it gets. But the ocean and the waves are not! Onshore winds and rain making it look, not too pretty these days.

Rain Coming

Well it is Oct the rainiest month of the year and so far better than these past years. Another round of rain coming in soon and the winds are onshore already. Not many takers on it b/c most people here … Continue reading

Not The Same

All this week been hunting waves at every break we can get to. Finding that most of the breaks are breaking but not like they should be. Lots of sand has been moved around and I’m sure over time things … Continue reading

Here & There

We went looking for some waves yesterday, going to the north and then back south. Finding that some bars were working and others not so well. There are some new breaks that have formed and one that I’m going to … Continue reading


There’s a break close by that I use to surf by myself a lot back in the day. Over crowding has pushed some people over to this break and now almost always someone’s there. But good things come to those … Continue reading


Yep, the winds have come back around again for the first time in weeks. The bar looks to be handling the surf but will need a few more swells to groom it nice. Santana could be back to rare form … Continue reading

River Mouth

So we have a for real river mouth here at Santana now as compared to before. The little trickle of water coming out the old river mouth was 5 ft wide. Now it’s about 100 yards wide and you can … Continue reading

Oct 5-6 2017

Like they said, we never knew it was coming! Hard rains are not uncommon around here but for hours on end is another thing. Flooding hit in the early morning hours which was a God send. If this would have … Continue reading