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These days there are as many girls in the lineup as guys and sometimes more! Waves have been in the fun range but we’re all waiting for the next swell. Crowds not bad for this time of the year and … Continue reading

Da Man-ny

Been a lot of onshore winds this week and not looking too pretty. But there are people who can make anything look good. Manuel is a crazy man in the lineup but also a caring dad to 3 girls who … Continue reading

Change Up

Finally the surf has picked up from the small stuff we’ve been having. Nothing big but way more size and more breaks are working. The week looks like fun, as long as the winds stay with us.

Full House

Got a large group here this week and there are waves for everyone. The week looks good with swell building daily. Going to be a nice one.

Smaller & Smaller

As the days go by the waves seem to be getting smaller and smaller. The swell forecast shows something coming and it better hurry up b/c we’re all about to go crazy.

Color Change

Got some rain the night before so the pretty blue water was gone. River mouths draining out earth tone colors to make the color change. Small was the surf and looks to be that way for a few more days.

Forever Young

This week we have a group of old guys that are happy to be here and surfing. They have more stoke than most young guys that have passed through this place at times. So remember. you’re never to old to … Continue reading

This is Small?

Going by the forecast you’d think that it’s going to be small. But what is small? To some new guys this is firing, back home anyway. But here it is small but not as small as the forecast said it … Continue reading

Coming & Going

This month we are full with package guest coming and going. So far the best month this year and the waves have been pretty good too! Half the month left and even have peoples coming in Sept.

A Day Late

Though a day late the swell did showed up and and it’s a good one! Everywhere was breaking even though a little windy. Waves should hold up for a few more days as the size drops a little along the … Continue reading