Well these days the winds are blowing mostly onshore, but lite enough to still be able to surf what’s coming in. Even though it’s small and weak.DSC_9416 DSC_9450 DSC_9456 DSC_9590 DSC_9596

Chics Rule

Been seeing a lot more girls in the lineups these days. Personally I find it a nice change from just being a bunch of guys out there. Waves are small and the winds are lite onshore most of the day.DSC_9337 DSC_9403 DSC_9404 DSC_9411

Fun Times

So the winds have been swinging this way and that way for a few weeks now. Finally it has come around from a good angle to make for some fun surf out front. Good thing too b/c there is a little swollen the water.DSC_9265 DSC_9283 DSC_9288 DSC_9572

Around the Corner

There is a swell in the water but the winds aren’t working with us. Some breaks that don’t work often do come to life during this kind of weather. Of coarse some offshore winds would help out a lot.DSC_9186 DSC_9187 DSC_9192 DSC_9194 DSC_9197

Where are They?

When the tide is high in the mornings there is always someone surfing out there. This morning I saw only 2 horses and 2 ladies walking on the beach. I wonder where all the surfers are at? Onshore winds these past few days have junked up the surf but there is some size out there, just ugly.DSC_9525 DSC_9544 DSC_9545 DSC_9547


Well there’s something you don’t see everyday around here. Light winds blowing onshore and the waves kinda small. But the Groms were all over it having a grand time by themselves.DSC_9144 DSC_9150 DSC_9167 DSC_9170

Always Something

No matter how small the forecast says it’s going to be there are always waves coming in. Yep, somedays are better than others but you make the best of what you have.DSC_9084 DSC_9085 DSC_9083 DSC_9078 DSC_9074

Not Bad

Though we thought it would be smaller it wasn’t so bad after all. Nice clean waves coming in and everyone was having a good session.DSC_8967 DSC_8978 DSC_9010 DSC_9019 DSC_9036


These days there are as many girls in the lineup as guys and sometimes more! Waves have been in the fun range but we’re all waiting for the next swell. Crowds not bad for this time of the year and should get less as school starts back everywhere.DSC_8911 DSC_8913 DSC_8918 DSC_8936 DSC_8941 DSC_8947

Da Man-ny

Been a lot of onshore winds this week and not looking too pretty. But there are people who can make anything look good. Manuel is a crazy man in the lineup but also a caring dad to 3 girls who rip also.DSC_8709 DSC_8710 DSC_8711 DSC_8766