When there’s a storm in the gulf then that effects us here on this side. Mostly with onshore winds and rain, depending.  There’s to be a few more days of this that lays head until next week looks like. How nice.P1120207 P1120210 P1120229 P1120237

Maybe Tomorrow

What was going to be a killer day with new swell showing turned out to be just another day. The swell forecast was moved again until tomorrow so we play the waiting game. Hardly no one out these days and we’re all growing use to it, well I am anyway. Sure things will change by Nov, maybe…..P1120159 P1120154 P1120144 P1120129 P1120123 P1120172

Strange Times

When will the madness end!! Day after day, week after week, storm after storm on the east coast and gulf! Directly effecting our weather pattern or mostly wind pattern along with rain making for not so hot surf. Doesn’t matter reef or beach break it still looks all the same these day. Spoiled we are.P1110912 P1110919 P1110924 P1110926

Cloudy Skies

With all the storms out there the weather here is kinda cloudy and rainy. Winds are not always working with us even though it’s glassy most of the time. Hard shooting pics of people surfing when there’s only a few out surfing.P1110802 P1110803 P1110804 P1110805 P1110827 P1110839

Morning Sessions

With the tide high enough to surf in the morning hours some are getting on it. Cloudy skies and some rain mixed in when ever it wants in the day or night time hours. No rush to beat the crowd bc there is none.P1110603 P1110617 P1110643 P1110658 P1110672 P1110696

Rainy Nights

After last nights thunder, lighting and rain show this mornings waves were all cleaned up! Peaky Santana with some tubes to be had, cut backs and bottom turns had by all. Lite winds and some more rain to come down for today but there are waves and more on the way!P1110439 P1110459 P1110473 P1110489 P1110506 P1110545

Wanting More

Today was suppose to be the day of good swell coming in, so they said. Up early but not excited enough to paddle out even though it looks good enough in the photos. Those that were out said it was fun for awhile before the winds came on. Spoiled I am.P1110334 P1110335 P1110336 P1110355 P1110356 P1110357

Winds of Change

Taking a few days to get it’s act together but today wasn’t too bad over all. A slight drop in size but lining up pretty good regardless of the tide. Surfed twice today and kinda burnt right now.P1110134 P1110146 P1110164 P1110172 P1110194

Winds Are Back

Finally after what seemed like months (only a week or so) the winds have turned in our favor! Morning sickness was the call early but cleaned up as the day more on. Stoked to have waves again and with a little size coming in this weekend!P1100785 P1100793 P1100864 P1100869 P1100875 P1100876


Doesn’t look much different than the last upload, maybe a little more glassy and higher tide. No takers this morning either. Guessing everyones waiting for the winds to come back around. I know I am an it looks like it will in a few days from now.P1100574 P1100578 P1100587