The boys are back in town! I got a chance to spend Sunday morning with them before going our ways. Swell running on the small kind size even today but still fun and ride able.

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No One

Had a big break in the weather today as the skies shown blue sun was shinning and a pretty good offshore wind. And there’s a nice size swell in the water to boot! Got to get it while the getting’s good! Oct’s right upon us which means rain but a few days of this every now an then wouldn’t hurt.DSC_6144 DSC_6145

Better There

It being the time of the year our waves will get kinda funky as the winds hurt us. Today was the best day so far in awhile with light onshore wind coming from a good direction (if there is such a thing). I hear you boys an girls are scoring on the east side. Enjoy!DSC_6112 copy DSC_6121 copy DSC_6126 copy DSC_6128 copy DSC_6135 copy

The Beginning

This is usually how it starts out. Onshore winds then some rain then storm clouds coming in from the west and the forecast says …it don’t look good. There are waves to surf if you’re here might as well paddle out.DSC_6084 copy DSC_6094 copy DSC_6101 copy DSC_6103 copy

The Change Up

Well this is the time of the year that things can go from sunny to cloudy an rainy. Though it hasn’t rained hardly any the winds have come onshore an that means something’s gonna happen. Not much swell showing but the groms are all over it.DSC_5872 copy DSC_5881 copy DSC_5888 copy DSC_5889 copy DSC_5906 copy

Just Plain Fun

Today was one of those days where the surf wasn’t too big or small. Winds were lite but did pickup some in the afternoon. Good crowd in the water and quit a few chics in the mix which is always a good thing.DSC_5723 copy DSC_5747 copy DSC_5790 copy DSC_5794 copy DSC_5813 copy DSC_5834 copy

Onshore Winds

Wow it’s been awhile since we’ve had some onshore winds. Bound to happen more as we near the end of the season, maybe. But it did turn around by mid day some. Cleaned up enough to make a good late session until dark.DSC_5610 copy DSC_5630 copy DSC_5633 copy DSC_5638 copy DSC_5643 copy DSC_5650 copy

Good Ole Santana

You know when it’s small there’s a place you can go to that will be breaking. Lucky for us it’s right down the street. New swell coming in tomorrow as we wait for some size to come. Nothing big but for sure it’s going to be fun!DSC_5517 copy DSC_5524 copy DSC_5546 copy DSC_5589 copy

Smooth Moves

It was soo glassy this morning early like surfing on … lol These are the days we love to catch b/c it’s not always like this with the winds we have. With the tide dropping it should make for a good day.DSC_5424 copy DSC_5426 copy DSC_5432 copy DSC_5439 copy DSC_5452 copy DSC_5453 copy

Soft & Fluffy

With the drop in size and a high tide will make Popoyo break like this. Not crowed b/c every good surfer was at the contest down the beach at Santana. Giving those here a chance to score some waves.DSC_5030 copy DSC_5037 copy DSC_5038 copy DSC_5041 copy DSC_5052 copy DSC_5055 copy