Back Offshore

t’s that time of the year again when the winds go back offshore and stay that way, for the next 6 months or so! The sun will be coming out soon this week too along with a swell filling in after the weekend. Oh man, today could be the last day of rain we’ll see for awhile also.P1130409 P1130410 P1130411 P1130412 P1130413 P1130435


The last week of Oct seems true to form as the rainy season will be coming to a close. But rain it is and onshore winds along with it making an ugly last week for the month. Few takers and even fewer new people here as the airlines have shut down for Nov. also.P1130328 P1130336

Back Onshore

Winds forecasted to stay like this for the next few days this week. If it blows lite maybe we can still get a session in here or there. It has been cool that it cleared up and broke for a few days before returning to this.P1130301 P1130310 P1130311 P1130312 P1130313

Just Another Sunday Funday

Say what you will but we be spoiled down here as you may well know. And if you don’t, well today was just a fun day, a day a lot like others we see often. But we’ve been lucky to have a break in the Oct rains to get something like this and we’ll take it! P1130165 P1130179 P1130193 P1130212 P1130227 P1130247

It’s Here

Sometimes you hear a swells coming but it never shows. Then when you think it might not it does show up and everyones stoked. Today is one of those days and looks like the rest of the week is going to be a good one! Yew. P1130005 P1130013 P1130044 P1130063 P1130079

Purdy Day

As we got a break in the weather this week we take the time to enjoy what we’re given. The waves aren’t too big but maybe by tomorrow it will be on the rise. Things are to be holding up like this for a few more days and I for one am stoked!P1120929 P1120934 P1120954 P1120990 P1120998 P1130002

Break In The Weather

Finally we get a break in the weather of rain and onshore winds. No telling how long it will last but we’ll take it over what we’ve been having. At this time of the year beach breaks everywhere seem to be working as the bars are being rearranged. Still more rain to come bc it’s still Oct!P1120827 P1120850 P1120868 P1120873 P1120907


It’s gonna stay this way until who knows when. Forecast says Sunday looks to be a good chance of offshore winds and maybe some sunshine. We’re all looking forward to a change back to normal. But it is Oct. and it could stay this way all month if it wants too!.P1120702 P1120715 P1120719 P1120739 P1120754 P1120755

Grey Days

Here it is, one of those grey days in Oct that can last up to a week or more. I see there’s another storm in the gulf and that’s gonna keep the rain and winds going. Things could turn around before you know it but we’ll have to wait it out.P1120676 copy

Oct Calm

As the storm in the gulf causes the winds to be sucked onshore can really mess things up. Sometimes it can be a blessing for a day or two before blowing onshore with heavy rains in tow. It is Oct and still rainy season and hurricanes popping up everywhere.P1120533 P1120550 P1120565 P1120572 P1120575 P1120634