Here Comes The Wind

It’s the long awaited event of the summer season that’s here now, the WIND!! Non-stop winds (offshore) blowing it’s butt off and guess it’s staying for awhile. Stronger gust they say next week like 50 knots or something crazy like that! Water temps for sure will drop some after that, YEW! P1170145 P1170150 P1170181 P1170224 P1170237 P1170259


Finally it showed up and happy we are that it did. Could take much more little surf to play around on, gotta have something with a little punch!! Winds are blowing and the water temp is dropping as we speak. Brr gonna be a cold summer.P1170005 P1170062 P1170071 P1170097 P1170127 P1170129

Yeeew Weee

Yeeew Weee it is pretty & small today, pretty small over all! Passed Aurelia walking back to camp early this morn, knew then it had to be small. But tomorrow looks good and the winds will be dying down a bit also which will make it that much better.P1160859 P1160862

Sunday Morning

After Saturday nights drinking a lot of people won’t make it to the early morning sessions. So those that do are bound to score something with less people than normal. And it being small that helps on your wave count.P1160729 P1160733 P1160746 P1160819 P1160832 P1160846

Forgotten Post

TP1160507 P1160515 P1160551 P1160588 P1160607 P1160653he other afternoon I shot Santana went home started working on the post and forgot about it something came up. So shot were too good to waste so here they are the 15th.

The Wind

We have been waiting for it to pickup since Dec. but it never did. It’s Jan. and finally today the wind is kicking pretty good and the waves are small kine. Oh the smallness happens this time of the year and can last for weeks. Or a sneaker swell rolls in to surprise everyone if we’re lucky. Do you feel lucky punk? Oh, sorry, well do ya?P1160382 P1160384 P1160404 P1160405 P1160411 P1160446

Covered in Sand

After all the rain we had last year it was bound to happen, the reef is covered in sand. Though it still breaks, it’s not as long or good as it is with the reef. Oh sure by the time next swell season comes around all the sand will be gone. But it will take a few swells and months before everything returns to normal.P1160226 P1160237 P1160238 P1160243 P1160247 P1160255

So Glassy

It’s still small but oh so glassy this morning but more to come later this week, we hope anyway. Water’s still warm and the sun is still shining so all aint that bad, I’m sure we’ve all seen worse.  P1160157 P1160158 P1160183 P1160189 P1160191


That would be the tide for today, high around 6 , low around 12 and an incoming until dark. Though it is small it is rideable surf, enough to get out there and off the couch! Some of us anyway. P1150927 P1150957 P1150962 P1160023 P1160065 P1160075

New Years Day

Finally we got rid of 2020 and the new year is here and everyone’s stoked. The beach was packed, there were waves and a few surfers on the small stuff coming in. Here’s to the whatever the new year brings us, just hoping that we all can make it through whatever’s thrown at us this year!! YEW!! P1150717 P1150722 P1150743 P1150758 P1150810 P1150819