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New Swell

Up early to check the swell an there it was with only a few on it. Winds are blowing, water is a little chilly and the crowds are lite. Not a bad time to be here in Nicaragua, oh, that’s … Continue reading

Chilly Waters

It happens after a stiff offshore wind blowing for some time. The warm water on top gets blown off as the cold water fills in. But that doesn’t hurt the waves any as it keeps coming in daily.

Windy Again

It was nice while it lasted the lite winds all glassy and everything. Got waves that’s what matters for now and the wind is offshore. Water’s warm the sun is shinning an not cold.


Yes, a nice swell filled in and looks to be the best one yet for this month. Santana early had some coming in as the locals were the only ones on it and enjoying themselves. There was still plenty of … Continue reading

Lite Winds

I can’t believe the winds are so lite these days an it’s January. But we’ll take it an can’t complain as the water is staying warm an swell is coming in. Not a lot of surfers in the area an … Continue reading

Lite Winds

Can you believe it, lite winds in January an all glassy an everything! Water is even still kinda warm for this time of the year, will take it. Looks to be a normal week ahead…waves everyday.

Cool Waters

As the winds continue to blow carrying the cool winds from the north. The water temp is starting to drop just a little. This morning waves kinda small with the dropping tide had few takers on it. Monday looks to … Continue reading

Beginners Luck

If you’re just starting to surf and taking a lesson at Popoyo today, you’re in luck! Waves not to big and no one there that can surf was there to bother you. Sky and water sure was pretty today.

Locals Only

Well not really but almost everyone in the water were locals. Not a lot of others around to fill the lineup with. Some pretty nice ones coming through on the three peaks that were breaking. Wind was blowing but not … Continue reading

It’s WINDY!!

Non stop winds blowing up to 50 mh at times isn’t too much fun. Finally a little swell showing up an the winds have laid down a little but no takers in the water this morning.