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Easy Breezy

With the swell slightly dropping it can become an easy day to surf some fun waves. Getting on it early before the tide fills in helps as it gets fatter an softer. No matter there are plenty to go around.

A Sunny Day

It has been kinda cloudy of late, seems like for a while actually. So when the sun does shine it makes it kind of a special day. Everything looks prettier, colors are brighter and the water just warmer looking. This … Continue reading

Gettin Harder

Some days it gets harder an harder to do a surf report believe it or not. With hardly no one here these days finding someone in the lineup to shoot makes things a little tricky. At time even with guys … Continue reading

Solo Surfing

Not everyone likes to surf alone but some do. Then there’s the times when you’re forced to bc you wanna surf and there’s no one there to join you. So what do you do? Paddle out and enjoy what life … Continue reading

Home Break

There’s nothing like surfing your home break with all your buddies. No one from the outside world is here and can’t even get here for that matter. So we’re enjoying it while it last bc sooner or later things will … Continue reading

Kinda Slow

Though the pictures make it look kinda good in reality it was kinda slow over all. But to those who haven’t been surfing lately I”m sure you’d be all over it in a heart beat! Like spoiled children that we … Continue reading

Not Good

Have heard rumors that flights here are not coming until Aug now, that sucks. Maybe not, who knows, everyones ready I know. Anyway, a little swell action showing today with a little wind with it. It’s been so glassy for … Continue reading

Just Another Day

So many days go by that some times they all kinda run together. Some days better than others, bigger, smaller, cleaner, was it sunny that day? Today was …What would you say it was? I didn’t even paddle out, it … Continue reading

Small Kind

      Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. Waves can’t be over head everyday but still fun size coming in on the beach breaks. Light winds sunny and uncrowded, what a great Monday morning.     … Continue reading

Sunshine & Waves

It is still kinda rainy, at night mostly, with sunny days & offshore winds. Gotta little swell these past couple days and it’s turning south soon, like tomorrow. Fun waves ahead it looks like for us, be thinking of ya.