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Beginners Luck

If you’re just starting to surf and taking a lesson at Popoyo today, you’re in luck! Waves not to big and no one there that can surf was there to bother you. Sky and water sure was pretty today.

Locals Only

Well not really but almost everyone in the water were locals. Not a lot of others around to fill the lineup with. Some pretty nice ones coming through on the three peaks that were breaking. Wind was blowing but not … Continue reading

It’s WINDY!!

Non stop winds blowing up to 50 mh at times isn’t too much fun. Finally a little swell showing up an the winds have laid down a little but no takers in the water this morning.

New Years Day

Well the swell finally got here even though it’s not as big as we were hoping for. But anythings better than what we’ve had these past few weeks.

The Last Day

We were expecting or hoping for more than this today. Though there was a wave I decided to save myself until next year.

Can’t Believe It

Yes it will get small around here from time to time. But this Dec has been the worst I’ve seen, ever. Pretty bad when even the groms are not paddling out but there’s hope coming next week. I hope so….

Santa’s Not Coming

Doesn’t look good around here for the next week or so. All we wanted for Christmas was something bigger than knee to waist high. It’s got to change sooner or later, but looks like later….


Man is it small out there! Santana can make a small wave break pretty good but there’s gotta be something there to start with. Forecast calls for a week of this with a bump one day hopefully tomorrow. Fishing looked … Continue reading

It’s Coming

The smallness, so the forecast says for the week, everyday, SMALLER an smaller. I found it hard to paddle out but I did an it wasn’t bad. Can’t wait to see now the rest of the week goes. It’s kinda … Continue reading

A Few Around

Waves this week a little better than last week when it was kinda small. Yesterday was good an today just slightly smaller but good form. Winds aren’t too bad but the crowd is kinda strong at times. Some good ones … Continue reading