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Swell’s Here

Needless to say they got it right this time and waves are coming in. The wind won’t seen to to layout any even though it’s April and should have by now. Not complaining though seasons just kicking in.

Family Affair

As the swell starts to fill in so did the Resano clan with all 3 girls ripping. It’s kinda windy for April but the water is still warm so that’s a good thing. More swell hitting tomorrow and looks to … Continue reading

Long Board Days

Somedays it’s just the best thing to take out for a surf when you know it’s small and soft. Some people never experience the fun of riding one which is kind of sad, they are fun.

A Day After

We all know most swells start to fade away shortly after arriving. Today was no different but at least it still had a little size, glassy and warm. Size dropping off for a few days before picking backup.

The Arrival

She finally showed up this morning, not big but glassy conditions, warm water and some cloud coverage. More on the way they say and we’ll be waiting for whatever comes in.

No Show

So far the swell that was suppose to show up still hasn’t showed herself. But waves are still coming in while the groms enjoy the small stuff at Santana.

Home Break

It’s always good to surf your home break when it’s working. Santana hasn’t been as good as she can be but seems to be making a come back. A good rain would help things out a lot breaking up that … Continue reading

Warming Up

YEW!! Yes the water is warming up slowly but surely! Won’t be long before we’re in baggies once again enjoying waves and warm water, can’t wait. More swell coming as the week moves on and clients coming in today looks … Continue reading

Afternoon Session

The winds are still blowing pretty hard durning the day. But lately laying out some in the late afternoon which is a good sign. Water temps warm up and we could shed the wetsuits.

Less Wind

The day we’ve all been waiting for all summer for the winds to lay out a little. Water is still chilly which keeps the no-suits out of the water faster. April’s here tomorrow and soon it will be less wind … Continue reading