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Sunday Morning

Not a bad morning to be surfing with just you and your guide in the water first thing. No wind makes for glassy conditions but the swell has dropped a little from yesterday. Slowly things will return to normal around … Continue reading


Here we are day 2 after the passing of Hurricane Lota with still no one surfing much. As cleanup continues to be on top of the list for those in need. It sure was pretty today with no one out … Continue reading

The Weekend

The weekend is here and looks to be the best chance for waves as a new storm is predicted to hit us this Monday. Winds are fairly good still and some waves coming in today. All this rain has moved … Continue reading

Clean Break

Finally after a the rain cleared we got some surf and not so bad winds, with a little swell thrown in. Tomorrow should be perfect compared to what we’ve been having, even today the best it’s been in awhile. But … Continue reading


dodged a bullet but was wrong! Today has proven to be the worse day of yet of heavy non-stop rain! Maybe tomorrow will be nice and sunny, hahahaha…ha

Returning to Normal

For a brief time anyway depending on the storm in the gulf that has brought us some rain last night. But until then we got some good clean surf coming in today. A few heads on it but nothing to … Continue reading

Back Offshore

t’s that time of the year again when the winds go back offshore and stay that way, for the next 6 months or so! The sun will be coming out soon this week too along with a swell filling in … Continue reading


The last week of Oct seems true to form as the rainy season will be coming to a close. But rain it is and onshore winds along with it making an ugly last week for the month. Few takers and … Continue reading

Back Onshore

Winds forecasted to stay like this for the next few days this week. If it blows lite maybe we can still get a session in here or there. It has been cool that it cleared up and broke for a … Continue reading

Just Another Sunday Funday

Say what you will but we be spoiled down here as you may well know. And if you don’t, well today was just a fun day, a day a lot like others we see often. But we’ve been lucky to … Continue reading