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Fathers Day

All dads here woke to a day of fun surf coming in everywhere. Nothing big as the swell slowly dies down but always something to ride. I saw a dad at the OR on his new toy, looked like fun.

Santana Lives

She’s coming back and we’re all happy campers! Been a few years if you ask me since Santana has been herself breaking peaks everywhere. Feels good to be able to go to the end of the street and paddle out.

Not Much

Hitting the break early to hopefully catch something before the tide gets to high. Didn’t seem to matter waves were small and weak but some were coming in. Good thing was all the locals were at the contest.

Santana Lives

Since we’ve been in a drought for years now Santana hasn’t been herself. But now that the rains have come back some what to normal, so has the bars. It was good to see Santana breaking once again like the … Continue reading

Left Overs

A pretty large swell filled in yesterday and man was it big, bigger than excepted. Today’s waves slightly smaller but still with some size on the sets as they pour through. More to follow.

The Fade

Swells will sometimes last for days while other times fades away in a day or two. Either way there are almost always waves to be had just have to wait it out until the next swell hits.

Left Peeler

If you walk the beach you may come around a corner and find a left peeling off a rock. That’s when you know you’re at The Bay, a friendly wave that lots of people tend to surf when it gets … Continue reading

Grey Day

When the rains come so does the muddy waters of the rivers. No one really likes to surf in the brown stuff, but lots will, or look for a place thats some what clean. Found that at MagRock with fun … Continue reading

It’s Coming

Here we are the day before the big stuff is to come in and it’s fun. Tide was low this morning along with cloudy skies and glassy early. Should get better throughout the day as the tide fills in.


A slight drop in size and Santana was trying to come back to life. The water is warm I tell you now and it sure feels good when jumping in. The swell forecast looks good to for whats coming!