Off Shore Wind

Had a storm pass through in the early morning hours dumping a ton of rain with lighting & thunder. But the good news is the winds came around, waves cleaned up and I paddled out with a friend to surf the left. River mouth dodo brown but it never made it to Popoyo, just missing it. Back to normal??P1080024 P1080027 P1080030 P1080031 P1080034

New Swell

Woke to another new swell filling in all glassy and everything that goes with it. Rainbows, sprinkles sunshine cloudy and uncrowded. The showers set in later on in the afternoon but not heavy as of yet. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds??P1070832 P1070890 P1070901 P1070919 P1070922 P1070980

Ahh Man

Ahh man I thought it was going to be bigger today! Can’t always believe everything on the net, as we know by now. Anyway it was GLASSY this morning an a few did come through , winds did come on early and it’s kinda muggy warm. Only a few takers throughout the morning.DSC_8070 DSC_8072 DSC_8075 DSC_8076 DSC_8083

Back & Forth

The best time to catch it these days are in the morning for sure. Winds are coming onshore late mornings or blowing offshore all day. Depending on what it wants to do that day. Have been waves. Water’s perfect. Crowds are low.P1070779 P1070781 P1070786 P1070787 P1070792

Before The Winds

As you may know the past few days have been mixed with some rain and onshore winds about mid day. But early enough you can score some clean waves before the wind gets on it, there’s not much of a crowd. The sun did come out and there waves to ride even with the onshore winds.P1070754 P1070763 P1070764 P1070765 P1070766 P1070772

Another Swell

Yep, this time of the year they come about every week. That’s about how long it takes from one swell to the next. It seemed to be getting bigger the more the tide filled in I’d say. Just another day around here with few on the beaches compared to the pics from NC I’ve seen. Geez glad I’m here.DSC_8028 DSC_8033 DSC_8046 DSC_8062 DSC_8066

Less Can Be Better

There are time when it’s so big you can’t/don’t wanna surf that stuff and only get a few waves if you did. Then there’s the times when there’s less swell in the water and you surf but get more waves. Thus less is better at times but not always. So to each their own weather it be big or not so big.DSC_7990 DSC_7994 DSC_7996 DSC_7997 DSC_7998 DSC_8007

La Burra

I’m guessing the swell peaked last night even though it still had size this morning. But it wasn’t what we were hoping for when it comes to the Outer Reefs. Over all it was BIG and it was that way everywhere at every break. For sure the week will be one you don’t want to miss!DSC_7818 DSC_7872 DSC_7901 DSC_7932 P1070561 P1070623

Late Bus

The new swell didn’t really show up until the tide switched mid day. Long lines an with size but the form wasn’t all that and it was windy. All hope lay on tomorrow as it should all be cleaned up and looking pretty from that point forward.DSC_7740 DSC_7743 DSC_7746 DSC_7764 P1070354 P1070360

It’s Coming

Just another day in the hood around here as the locals have it all to themselves. The worlds in lockdown an no ones coming any time soon. Taking advantage of it is all one can do until things change. Then it’s going to get crazy, slowly I hope.P1070301 P1070316 P1070321 P1070329 P1070342 P1070347