Fun new swell filling today as the tide helped it come to life. Early morning low was ride able but way better a few hours later. As many girls as guys it seems like these days and thats ok with me.DSC_4899 copy DSC_4915 copy DSC_4920 copy DSC_4943 copy DSC_4950 copy DSC_4952 copy DSC_4954 copy DSC_4957 copy

Looks Small

And it was small! Looked like the east coast during the summer months if lucky. Kids on the beach kids in the lineup and kids taking all the waves. But it was perfect for the groms and a few older guys.DSC_4772 copy DSC_4774 copy DSC_4795 copy DSC_4800 copy DSC_4820 copy DSC_4847 copy DSC_4855 copy

South Swell

There’s one thing I can say about a south swell is that it hits the reefs an bars really well. Super fun day of surf and it was breaking all day as usual, at times crowded at others very few. Choose wisely.DSC_4674 copy DSC_4681 copy DSC_4696 copy DSC_4701 copy DSC_4704 copy DSC_4720 copy

2 By 11

Swell size has dropped a little which meant Santana would be breaking today, which it was. But surfed Popoyo first with only 2 of us out the whole time. Then hit Santana with the dropping tide which was pretty fun all an all. Was home by 11:00 o’clock.DSC_4596 copy DSC_4600 copy DSC_4601 copy DSC_4619 copy DSC_4633 copy DSC_4643 copy DSC_4654 copy

The Last Day

On this last day of our group being here they were met with a new swell as a last fair well. The sun is shining the waters clear as a bell and warm. Great week and waves were had by all.DSC_4472 copy DSC_4486 copy DSC_4493 copy DSC_4523 copy DSC_4550 copy DSC_4555 copy


We had a good run of waves this past week and though it’s dropping some it’s still fun. Strong winds blowing but the crowds aren’t too bad, guess everybody’s burnt out.DSC_3897 copy DSC_3905 copy DSC_3946 copy DSC_3957 copy DSC_3967 copy DSC_3978 copy

The Outer Reef

The swell showed up and enough size to make the OR work. I’d have to say it wasn’t as good as I’ve seen but some big ones were coming through. Not all the breaks could handle the size but the reefs were holding it.DSC_3714 copy DSC_3740 copy DSC_3744 copy DSC_3766 copy

New Swell

We’ve all been waiting for it to show and this morning didn’t look so good until the tide turned. The sets started getting bigger and bigger with the even bigger stuff coming tomorrow or was it Monday? Anyway it’s here the first big one of the season and some Outer Reef action sure to be on hand. First Peak action with our buddy Grey checking things out from the inside.DSC_3686 copy DSC_3687 copy DSC_3688 copy DSC_3689 copy DSC_3690 copy DSC_3691 copy

Big & Glassy

This mornings swell showed big and glassy as the sets came through. Still kinda slow and a little waiting for the sets but they did show. Going be fun this week.DSC_3344 copy DSC_3384 copy DSC_3402 copy DSC_3419 copy DSC_3458 copy DSC_3461 copy

The Calm

Waves coming in but kinda slow and long waits for the sets but they do come in. With the winds laying out some the water has warmed back up a degree or two. Looks like a big one coming in soon as we all wait its arrival.DSC_3299 copy DSC_3315 copy DSC_3318 copy DSC_3323 copy DSC_3328 copy