That’s usually how it is around here almost year round, nonstop waves large and small. This time of the year it will run a little smaller than swell season but waves none the less. Oh and the winds are offshore all day everyday pretty much all year too.P1150628 P1150645 P1150649 P1150661 P1150678 P1150693

Christmas Left Overs

Santa left some waves for us this Christmas and the gift keeps on giving as there’s plenty of swell showing today. So few people on it in the morning session, 2 to be correct, yew! Can’t ask for a better time to paddle out and with the tide coming in all morning. Waves all day.P1150462 P1150463 P1150474 P1150485 P1150486 P1150500

Small Gifts

Well thats what we’ve been given so far as we’re all hoping the gifts just keeps getting bigger the closer we come to Christmas. It was to be bigger today but it never came to be but promises of bigness is on the wish list for the 25th! P1150359 P1150366 P1150369 P1150431 P1150447 P1150458

Pretty & Small

With the tide being high this morning I thought I’d see a few heads on it early. Only to find it tiny and the newbie groms were on it and all over it. Today was to be the smallest day of the week and hopefully it gets bigger as the week goes on.P1150205 P1150221 P1150223 P1150276 P1150289 P1150290

Afternoon Sessions

Any time of the day is a good time to surf but afternoon sessions I like a lot. Santana was working well today with the drop in size from this weekend. Bars are setup pretty good too from all the rain we’ve had this year. Stoked to see it! P1150090 P1150097 P1150125 P1150129 P1150139 P1150148

Summer’s Here

As the winds seem to be getting stronger you know that summer is here! That’s what happens and the waves will get smaller also as time goes on, that’s just the way it is. But there will be endless days of sunshine and off shores going hand in hand for the next 6 months. P1140844 P1140856 P1140877 P1140899 P1140911 P1140970

Party Time

Everyone’s going to be there tomorrow for the big contest going on at Finca Popoyo in the morning running through to Sundays finals. There will be waves as a new swell showing to be here just in time and some great surfing will be going on from all the locals near and far. Come check it out! P1140727 P1140728 P1140737 P1140738 P1140742 P1140743

Saturday Morning

Getting out early as the tide drops out for the day will get you a few good clean waves before breakfast. Trouble is the forecast calls for it to be small like this all week! Geez when we getting a swell? Well at least the waters warm and the sun will come out later today for sure.P1140629 P1140634 P1140638 P1140642 P1140646 P1140666

Que Linda

Small kind surf coming in today as we move into the first days of Dec. Winds were good making for a glassy session this afternoon as the tide filled in. Weather is still a little funky and still having some rain come through like last night. Fun waves though!P1140569 P1140578 P1140581 P1140595 P1140603 P1140605

Novembers End

Nov is going out with a small bang bringing much needed surf to those of us who are here. By far the worse Nov on record that I can remember for the most rain and least amount of waves. Normally my fav month of the year but… is 2020.P1140492 P1140496 P1140505 P1140511 P1140549 P1140553