Windy Days

It’s that time of the year when July comes the winds come with it, our mimi summer they call it. Looking for offshore winds all day long then here’s the place and plenty of south swells.DSC_3165 copy DSC_3231 copy DSC_3252 copy DSC_3265 copy DSC_3276 copy

Mini Summer

July is known as the mini-summer b/c the winds pickup a bit and it normally doesn’t rain. Holding true to form this season as waves just keep on coming in.DSC_3112 copy DSC_3125 copy DSC_3132 copy DSC_3133 copy DSC_3140 copy DSC_3146 copy

New Swell

What goes down must come up sooner or later. This morning awoke to a nice swell just a little bigger than yesterday which was fun. Today will be also as the tide fills in until mid day.DSC_2817 copy DSC_2819 copy DSC_2828 copy DSC_2842 copy

It Is Small

Needless to say it is small today and the wind is blowing. Calling for a bump tomorrow which will make things a whole lot better if it comes. But fun waves none the less to ride and stay wet.DSC_2709 copy DSC_2717 copy DSC_2730 copy DSC_2734 copy DSC_2748 copy DSC_2750 copy

Fathers Day

All dads here woke to a day of fun surf coming in everywhere. Nothing big as the swell slowly dies down but always something to ride. I saw a dad at the OR on his new toy, looked like fun.DSC_2690 copy DSC_2692 copy DSC_2693 copy DSC_2696 copy

Santana Lives

She’s coming back and we’re all happy campers! Been a few years if you ask me since Santana has been herself breaking peaks everywhere. Feels good to be able to go to the end of the street and paddle out.DSC_2351 copy DSC_2355 copy DSC_2361 copy DSC_2398 copy DSC_2409 copy DSC_2434 copy

Not Much

Hitting the break early to hopefully catch something before the tide gets to high. Didn’t seem to matter waves were small and weak but some were coming in. Good thing was all the locals were at the contest.DSC_2130 copy DSC_2136 copy DSC_2139 copy DSC_2140 copy

Santana Lives

Since we’ve been in a drought for years now Santana hasn’t been herself. But now that the rains have come back some what to normal, so has the bars. It was good to see Santana breaking once again like the ole days.DSC_2096 copy DSC_2101 copy DSC_2106 copy DSC_2109 copy DSC_2120 copy

Left Overs

A pretty large swell filled in yesterday and man was it big, bigger than excepted. Today’s waves slightly smaller but still with some size on the sets as they pour through. More to follow.DSC_2029 DSC_2041 DSC_2053 DSC_2059

The Fade

Swells will sometimes last for days while other times fades away in a day or two. Either way there are almost always waves to be had just have to wait it out until the next swell hits.DSC_1770 DSC_1817 DSC_1875 DSC_1942 DSC_1946 DSC_2007