The Rain

We here are as the rains and wind comes onshore from the systems in the gulf causing all this mayhem. Looks like a weekend or a week of this depending on how fast things move to the north of us. Time to sit back relax and wait for things to return to normal.P1100547 P1100551 P1100552

Not Bad

As the new swell filled in the winds were super lite with cloudy skies in the early morning hours. Low tide in coming and as the day moved on the winds kicked in, the sun came out and things lite up!P1100304 P1100325 P1100355 P1100382 P1100398 P1100427

Still Not Here

I see the sites calling for waves each day and each day they move it forward to the next day it seems like. But it can’t go on like this forever, sooner or later the swell has to fill in. No matter what comes we do have it to ourselves as still no one can get here anyways.P1100185 P1100200 P1100205 P1100233 P1100248 P1100253

It’s Here

The long awaited swell has shown herself today as all takers were all over it like a free buffet to the homeless. Winds were hardly blowing making for smooth faces under cloudy skies. Thanks goodness we’ve got waves again and to ourselves at that.P1100009 P1100013 P1100023 P1100051 P1100101 P1100134

There’s hope

Though not the size we were hoping for but better than what we had. Tide high this morning as it drops out until mid day or so then I’ll be coming back. It should be ride able if nothing else and the crowd has already surfed so we’ll see what happens.DSC_8407 DSC_8415 DSC_8432 DSC_8458 DSC_8463 DSC_8468

Still Waiting

Even though the forecast said today could be the day, but it’s not. Hoping for something in the afternoon would be nice, but doubt it. Tomorrow looks like it could be the day, maybe…. Will have to wait and see. Monday for sure something could be here, if not we’re still here waiting.DSC_8363 DSC_8364 DSC_8371 DSC_8374 DSC_8385


Well the forecast says Saturday is when the surf comes back. That’s 4 more days of waiting and wondering if it’s gonna be true or they’re just saying that. Never know these days. Cross your fingers and hope for the best!!P1090907 P1090937 P1090943 P1090947 P1090971 P1090991

Something to Ride

This has been the smallest July on record that I can think of. Be glad you’re not here for the week bc it’s to be like this all week. But it’s better than nothing or onshore and choppy at 2-3 ft.P1090768 P1090773 P1090794 P1090824 P1090847 P1090858 P1090871

Just Right

Everything coming together for Santana to be breaking pretty good today! The forecast calls for another week of small surf but at least it’s been ride able. Kinda small this month for July when we usually have swells hitting weekly. It has been a strange year.P1090759 P1090750 P1090662 P1090650 P1090622 P1090594

Morning Blues

The winds were as they have been this past week or two kinda lite and glassy conditions. As the tide dropped the surf became slightly better so 2 of us paddled out, surfed awhile then was joined by only a few others. It was good for awhile and the winds came onshore shortly after we had gotten out.P1090532 P1090539 P1090540 P1090541